Proposed renewal of Franklyn Street, Glebe and Explorer Street, Eveleigh

By November 13, 2020News

It’s great to see the NSW Coalition government working with the City of Sydney to boost the supply of social housing and provide better access to essential community services in Glebe and Eveleigh.

The two new projects to renew the Franklyn Street and Explorer Street housing estates will open up space for 850 homes – many of which will be vital social housing – and add more public open spaces around the new dwellings. These are part of a larger initiative to increase and disperse supply of public housing, while serving as an important part of NSW’s economic recovery with the creation of nearly 10,000 new jobs across the scheme.

I agree with NSW Housing Minister Mel Pavey that this project will help “breathe new life into local economies and deliver more jobs, provide better connections to education outcomes and improve amenities.”

The project team is inviting feedback in webinars and meetings with residents. To find out more, visit: and