Nightclub Restrictions Update

By October 8, 2021News

NSW Health has responded to my enquiries about the re-opening rules for nightclubs. They have confirmed that nightclubs will now re-open at the 80% full vaccination milestone (estimated to occur late October/early November) and the 4sqm rule will apply, patrons must be seated while drinking and no dancing is permitted.

Furthermore, from 1 December 2021, the 4sqm rule will apply and drinking while standing and dancing will be permitted at nightclubs.With regard to the 4sqm rule, NSW Health tell me that the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has identifies nightclubs as a high risk environment due to a range of factors including crowding, people in close proximity, mixing between people who do not know each other, dancing, and the service of alcohol.

This is ultimately a disappointing decision for smaller venues and won’t make it economically viable for many of them to open. Nightclubs deserve the same support to reopen in a safe and viable manner as the other hospitality venues in our late-night precincts and I will continue to advocate for this equality.