Moore Park Road Pop-Up Cycleway – Requested Suspension

By July 2, 2020News

At our 2 July Council meeting I moved a Notice of Motion calling for the immediate suspension of the installation of a pop-up cycleway proposed along Moore Park Road and Fitzroy Street between Lang Road in Paddington and Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

Residents and businesses were initially given approximately three days’ notice that this cycleway was going to be constructed outside their properties and as the installation date continues to get pushed back, most likely as a result of a complete lack of planning, to date my office has received more than 200 emails, over 90% of these, objecting to this project. Not only will this proposal remove over 100 residential parking spaces along Moore Park Road, it will remove valuable loading zones along Fitzroy Street, home to a number of businesses that have already been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, of most concern are the major safety issues that this ill-thought out project raises. The pick up/drop off zone for a local childcare centre has been moved and placed just in front of a bus stop, the two-way configuration of the cycleway will see cyclists riding against the busy traffic along Moore Park Road and the cycleway will be placed in a kerbside lane that does not have adequate drainage and floods in heavy rains.

As expected, the Clover Moore Political Party caucused and voted against my motion and Councillor Jess Miller moved an alternative motion that does nothing except call for this irresponsible project to proceed.

Two years ago the City of Sydney Council unanimously approved a permanent separated cycleway along this route, a project that had very strong community support. However, with no real explanation, the Lord Mayor has recently stated that this permanent, safer, more popular proposal is now unfeasible.

I will continue to push for the suspension, and if needed, removal of this pop-up cycleway and call for the construction of the original permanent separated cycleway as soon as possible.