Moore Park Golf Course Under Threat

By May 18, 2020News

At our 18 May Council Meeting the Lord Mayor Clover Moore and all the other City of Sydney Councillors, except for me, voted in favour of coming up with a plan to convert Moore Park Golf Course from an 18-hole to a nine-hole course, with a view to increasing the size of the adjacent public park. This proposal has been a pet project of Lord Mayor Clover Moore since at least mid-2016. Last night she opportunistically resurrected the idea under the guise of it being an urgent measure for a ‘Post-COVID-19 City.’

I am strongly opposed to the Lord Mayor’s plan for a number of reasons. Firstly, the community has had its say and is strongly in favour of retaining the existing 18-hole golf course, as indicated in the 700 responses to the public exhibition of the Moore Park Masterplan 2040. The Masterplan, developed over two years, provides a blueprint to guide the direction and management of the Park over the next 25 years. Secondly, the golf course contributes around a quarter of the Centennial Parklands revenue, necessary to run and maintain the extensive parklands around Centennial and Moore parks. Thirdly, Moore Park Golf Course remains one of the busiest public championship golf courses in Australia. In the 2018-2019 financial year, 60,000 rounds of golf were played at the course.

The 18-hole Moore Park Golf Course is an historic public open space gem within a stone’s throw of the CBD. It is loved and heavily used by locals and visitors alike. It is financially viable and makes a significant contribution to ensuring the surrounding extensive parklands can remain open and accessible by all. It should be maintained in its current form.

*Image Credit: Moore Park Golf