Covid Restrictions for Nightclubs

By October 7, 2021News

This morning Premier Dom Perrottet MP announced some changes to the State Government’s COVID-19 reopening plan.

It appears nightclubs will now be permitted to reopen for seated drinking only (no dancing) on a one person per four square metre basis once we reach the 80% double vaccination rate. I am working to clarify the specifics of these rules and what may be permissible from 1 December when we are likely to have more than 90% of the eligible population vaccinated. At that point other hospitality venues will be operating on a one person per two square metre rule and standing will be allowed.

It really is unfair to have different rules for hospitality venues as we navigate our way out of the pandemic. Nightclubs were operating on a one person per two square metre rule with dancing allowed back in June, when vaccination rates were very low. They should be allowed to operate under these same rules when vaccination rates reach the very high rates that are allowing the rest of the economy to open up.

Nightclubs are an integral part of the City of Sydney’s late-night economy and cultural fabric. They are important contributors to the local economy, often run by small business owners, and deserve the same support to reopen in a safe and viable manner as the other hospitality venues in our late-night precincts.