Cook and Philip Aquatic Centre Fountain Works

By September 28, 2021News

I recently walked past the City of Sydney owned Cook and Philip Aquatic Center on Macquarie street and was disappointed to see the state of the fountain and surrounding areas.

The fountain was dirty and covered in bird droppings, numerous granite pavers and tiles were cracked and the famous timber boardwalk was fenced off and in very poor condition. The fountain is usually cleaned three times a week and high pressure cleaning of the forecourt and stairs is done monthly.

Fortunately, following my enquiries, the City’s cleaning contractors will now clean the fountain five times a week and service the forecourt area fortnightly. I’ve also been told that due to limited supply and long lead times for granite tiles, the City expects to have other repair works at Cook and Phillip Park completed by the end of December 2021.

Furthermore, the timber boardwalk over the water feature has reached the end of its useful life and is currently being scoped for replacement. The boardwalk will remain partially open with the replacement works complete by April 2022.