By March 28, 2017News

The City of Sydney will investigate options for the installation and trial of solar powered compacting bins in key hotspots around the local government area under a new sustainable waste management initiative I developed, which was passed unanimously by Council at the meeting of 27 March 2017.

Each year the City of Sydney collects over 6000 tonnes of waste from its public street and park bins. Our public bins have limited capacity and I regularly receive complaints about them overflowing. They also need to be emptied up to six times per day. Under my proposal, Sydney will match the practice of councils such as Melbourne and Canada Bay, which have recently both installed six of the high-tech Bigbelly bins, each with a capacity of 560 litres compared with a standard public bin of around 80 litres.

These bins bring a number of environmental and efficiency benefits, including reducing the number of truck movements needed to empty the bins by up to 80 per cent. That lowers greenhouse gas emissions, decreases traffic congestion and reduces costs. The Lord Mayor and her team spoke highly of my proposal at last night’s meeting and I thank them and all other Councillors for their support. I look forward to the CEO’s investigation and hope that we can get these bins installed at the earliest opportunity.

See below my full Notice of Motion and corresponding media release.