Rats in the City

By July 22, 2019News

In June 2015, I moved a motion requesting the Chief Executive Officer to conduct a review of the City’s current budget for vermin control, including staffing levels and baiting operations, with a view to improving the City’s response to and capacity to deal with the problem of rat infestation.

A couple of months later we were told that the City’s existing strategies and resourcing to manage vermin activity in public spaces could be met by the continued use of contractors and the existing single Pest Control Officer.

In June 2017 I then asked for a further update on the progress of the ongoing review in light of the worsening problem of rat infestation within the LGA.

We were told staff would continue to monitor the reported complaints and if there was an increase in complaints over the next 12 months the City would again review the strategies to manage and control pest activity in the LGA.

Finally, more than four years later, the Lord Mayor is taking action.