Pyrmont Cares Truck Naming Ceremony

By May 31, 2016News

In May I attended the Pyrmont Cares truck naming ceremony for their new vehicle.

Pyrmont Cares with more than 40 social work agencies in the City of Sydney. Since 2012, they have provided thousands of pieces of furniture, white-goods and other household items to over 500 people, significantly reducing the amount of unwanted material going to landfill.

Their clients are often setting up home after a major disruption in their lives, a period of homelessness, arriving in Australia as a refugee, leaving a home as a result of domestic violence or rehab or from a period in detention.

I’ll continue to work with this fantastic organisation to try and get them a City of Sydney business parking permit that they desperately need and most thoroughly deserve in order to continue the incredible work that they do.

For more information about Pyrmont Cares check out their website: