Policy Announcement: Supporting the City of Sydney’s Entrepreneurs

By August 31, 2016News

Sydney has become Australia’s entrepreneurial hub, but we are still struggling to attract, nurture and retain world-class talent.

Businesses often lament the fact that, despite our beautiful natural assets and appealing lifestyle, we still suffer from braindrain which prevents Australia-based companies from performing up to their potential. 

Lord Mayoral candidate Councillor Christine Forster and the Sydney Liberal team have developed a set of policies to help Sydney compete internationally. 

“Sydney shouldn’t be a ‘poor relation’ on the global innovation stage,” says Councillor Forster.

“We have a global reputation in finance, the arts and education – all the preconditions for a thriving innovation culture. And size can’t be an excuse either. The City of Sydney electorate has twice the population of Jerusalem, but Israel’s capital has already made a name for itself as a world-leading innovation hub. I want the same for Sydney. I want there to be 10 Atlassians, not one.”

The Sydney Liberal team is putting forward a number of policies to support this goal:

Emerging Entrepreneurs Program

“As Lord Mayor, I’m looking forward to establishing the Sydney Emerging Entrepreneurs Program, aimed at providing practical support and small grants to the city’s best emerging start-ups. Currently, Sydney ranks 16th out of 20 cities on the Start-up Ecosystem Index, but with 64% of Australian technology start-ups coming from Sydney, I’d like to stimulate growth further, creating more jobs, and boosting our local economy.”

A dedicated start-up incubator

“Start-up businesses tell me that the biggest challenge they face is finding affordable office space in Sydney,” says Councillor Forster.

“If elected, I will establish an incubator similar to ‘The Capital’ in Brisbane and provide affordable office space for start-ups.” 

International start-up satellite offices

Sydney’s proximity to Asia and its highly developed knowledge economy make it an attractive stepping stone for US companies interested in expanding into Asia.

“To help promote Sydney to US companies wanting to establish an outpost to expand into Asia, we will establish an office in San Francisco, and investigate further offices in Guangzhou and Singapore,” says Councillor Forster.

For continuous updates on the campaign, follow Christine on Facebook: facebook.com/ChristineForsterSydney

Councillor and Liberal candidate for Lord Mayor Christine Forster is available for comment.


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