Out and About in Surry Hills

By August 20, 2018News

Recently I was out with a resident of Surry Hills discussing issues like illegal waste dumping, graffiti and the general amenity of the community. We managed to address a number of these issues with the removal of the graffiti and dumped waste and I understand that further pro-active initiatives are being developed by the City of Sydney to tackle these problems before they arise.

The following initiatives are being pursued to address illegal dumping:

  • Team Leaders will monitor Ann Street and Reservoir Lane for the next ten days. At the end of the monitoring period the service schedule will be reviewed to determine if the frequency is adequate.
  • Improving the City’s online service to report dumped rubbish and to book the free weekly collection of bulky waste.
  • Targeted waste education in the area.
  • Cleansing and Waste have designated response crews to specifically attend to illegal dumping activities.
  • Patrolling by City Rangers.
  • Ensuring any Development Applications include requirement for compliance with the City’s Waste Local Approvals Policy.
  • Implementation of an illegal dumping behaviour change program.
  • Establishment of a Community Recycling Centre where people can drop-off problem waste items at no cost.
  • City staff will conduct a letterbox drop to remind residents to store their bins on their property between service days and will work with residents that are unable to keep their bins on their property due to space constraints.

There’s more to be done and I’m keen to ensure that every resident and business of the City continues to enjoy a safe, clean and beautiful community.