Kings Cross / Potts Point DCP

By September 18, 2018News

I first called for Council to develop a masterplan for Kings Cross in February 2018, at a time when community concern was mounting about a completely inappropriate development proposal for the Darlinghurst Road site between Roslyn Street and Fitzroy Gardens, which includes The Bourbon. After that, Council undertook to consult with local residents in Potts Point about what they wanted to see preserved and what changes they would prefer in relation to that site. Following that consultation Council staff developed a set of new development control plans not just for the site between The Bourbon and The Empire, but for both sides of Darlinghurst Road between Roslyn Street and Bayswater Road.

While welcoming and voting for the site-specific proposal which includes The Bourbon, over the last two weeks it has become clear to me and to other non-Clover Moore Party councillors that the community consultation did not effectively include residential and commercial landowners who hold properties between Roslyn Street and Bayswater Road. As such last night I argued that those stakeholders should be consulted before Council passed a resolution on the new development proposals for that section of Darlinghurst Road. It is simply a matter of procedural fairness that every member of the community should be included from the outset when Council purports to conduct consultation. Plainly, however, fairness and transparency is no concern of Clover Moore and her party members. #SecretSydney #KingsCross #PottsPoint